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The Key Issues module features regional strategies that have been designed to address critical threats to the health of the Great Lakes Basin. These strategies are created and implemented through cross-sector collaboration between individuals and entities dedicated to addressing these specific threats, or “key issues.”

This module serves as a hub where you can learn about key issue strategies and can easily link to the many types of information available on Great Lakes Inform for each issue.


Learn About Conservation Strategies

Tributary Connectivity

Maintaining the flow of water from rivers, streams, and creeks all the way to the Great Lakes is critical to ensuring the health of the entire basin. Tributaries play a key role in shaping nearshore habitats, providing spawning habitat to fish, and transporting important materials and nutrients through inland aquatic systems. Yet, thousands of dams and hundreds of thousands of inappropriately...

Coastal Wetlands

Coastal nearshore zones are “hot zones” where land, water, and people meet. They are key economic drivers that provide disproportionate ecosystem services supporting most human populations, economies, and qualities of life. The coastal marshes of the Great Lakes provide numerous ecosystem services to people, including buffering homes and roads from flooding, reducing wave energy from storms,...