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People, Programs, and Plans

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Find people, programs, and plans in the Great Lakes that can help inform your decisions about natural resource management. Browse the list below or use the filters to discover programs, research projects, funding opportunities, management plans, conceptual models, and conservation partnerships relevant to the issues you care about.

Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) Grants

The Saginaw Bay WIN funds projects that address the economic, environmental, and social needs of the Saginaw Bay region.

River Raisin Watershed Management Plan

This plan provides an in-depth assessment of water quality concerns, goals and objectives, and recommendations for watershed management for the River Raisin in Michigan.

St. Clair River & Lake St. Clair Comprehensive Management Plan

This plan addresses environmental health issues in the St. Clair river and Lake St. Clair.

Upper Manistee River Natural River Plan

The Michigan DNR's management plan for the Upper Manistee recommends actions that will preserve and enhance the river's value.

Rocky River Watershed Management Plan

This plan attempts to design a course of action to work cooperatively toward an environmentally and economically healthy Rocky River watershed in Michigan.

USFWS National Wildlife Refuge Plans for the Midwest

This link provides information about current comprehensive conservation planning projects in the Midwest Region for the National Wildlife Refuge System and provides downloads of completed plans.

Upper Mississippi & Great Lakes Joint Venture Conservation Strategy Plans

The UMGL JV's five plans outline how they deliver the full spectrum of bird conservation.

U.S. Endangered Species Recovery Plans

U.S. Federally Endangered Species require recovery plans.

Western Lake Erie Coastal Conservation Vision

This vision document outlines locations in the Western Lake Erie basin where focused conservation investments can optimize benefits to people and nature.

Western Lake Erie Basin Water Resources Protection Plan

This plan outlines the necessary actions to improve the WLE Basin.

WDNR Lake Michigan Integrated Fisheries Management Plan

This document outlines the WDNR's vision to achieve a multi-species sport fishery through habitat protection, native species restoration and management, and nuisance species prevention and control in Lake Michigan between 2015 and 2024. 

Waukegan Harbor Area of Concern (AOC) Habitat Management Plan

This plan outlines a path to remove the loss of fish and wildlife habitat Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI) for the Waukegan Harbor AOC.

Upper Green Bay Basin Integrated Management Plan

This plan provides recommendations for actions that will successfully protect ecosystem diversity and critical habitats in the Upper Green Bay Basin, while also ensuring a sustainable resource base for the future.

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for the Grand River (upper) Watershed

This report makes recommendations for actions to maintain and restore the upper part of the Grand River watershed in Ohio.

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for the Big Darby Creek Watershed

This report summarizes the water quality and habitat condition and make recommendations for actions to maintain and restore the Big Darby Creek watershed in Ohio.

The State of the Wolf Basin

This report identifies the status of resources in the Wolf River Basin and articulates goals and objectives to maintain, restore and protect ecosystem health.

The State of the Upper Fox River Basin

This report aims to address the Wisconsin DNR's Strategic Planning goals and the goals of its partners within the Upper Fox River Basin.

The State of the Sheboygan River Basin

This report provides a vehicle for identifying natural resource needs, priorities and recommendations for the Sheboygan River Basin in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin DNR and Wisconsin DOT Cooperative Agreement

This plan outlines cooperation procedures between the WDNR and WDOT to protect and enhance the State's natural resources.

Wisconsin DNR Master Plans

These master plans establish the level and type of public uses permitted, detail the authorized resource management and the facility development, and act as a property blueprint for Wisconsin DNR lands.

Wisconsin Wildlife Action Plan

This plan is the comprehensive resource for the conservation of rare and declining species and their habitats in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's Lake Sturgeon Management Plan

This plan outlines actions to preserve, protect, and restore lake sturgeon populations in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's Walleye Management Plan: Moving Management into the 21st Century

This plan details for walleye management in Wisconsin. 

Wisconsin's Lake Superior Fisheries Management Plan 1988-1998

This plan outlines management goals and objectives for Wisconsin's Lake Superior Fishery.

St. Clair County, Michigan, Master Plans

Communities in St. Clair County each use a Master Plan to provide leaders and residents with a vision of their future development.

St. Clair Area of Concern Remedial Action Plan

The St. Clair Area of Concern Remedial Action Plan outlines the strategy and plan of action for delisting the St. Clair AOC.

The Lake St. Clair Canadian Watershed Management Plan

The purpose of the Canadian Lake St. Clair Management Plan is to recommend actions required to address identified ecosystem management issues affecting the sustainability of the Lake St. Clair ecosystem.

Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Plan

This plan discusses the challenges and opportunities the Refuge in south central Michigan will face in the next 15 years, and it outlines goals and objectives for management.

The State of the Root-Pike River Basin

This report aims to address the Wisconsin DNR's Strategic Planning goals and the goals of its partners within the Root-Pike River Basin.

The State of the Milwaukee River Basin

This report provides a framework for managing the natural resources within the Milwaukee River Basin in Wisconsin.
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