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Lancaster Brook Culvert Replacement

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Lancaster Brook - Driveway on Private Property
4530 Hillcrest Drive
54155 Oneida , WI
United States
44° 32' 33.2052" N, 88° 7' 47.2116" W
Bulldozers installing a new arch culvert over Lancaster Creek
The culvert's condition prior to re-establishment of fish passage.
Moving the new arch culvert to the installation site
Preparing the residential driveway spanning the new arch culvert
The completed Lancaster Brook culvert replacement.


Log jams have been installed in recent years in the vicinity of the culvert to be replaced. These log jams have created low velocity refuges for aquatic life during floods, protection from predators, and scour pools that expose gravel for spawning. Nonetheless, the brook trout population has continued to decline over the past decade according to monitoring by the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin, with just one fingerling encountered during the 2011 survey. The Tribe suspects that the decline is due to fish barriers on private property preventing brook trout from spawning. A driveway culvert was restricting flow due to two of the three pipes that had collapsed. This restriction increased water velocity in the remaining pipe, creating a barrier to fish passage. This could have resulted in population fragmentation for brook trout upstream and downstream of the culvert. This project is designed to remedy this barrier by replacing the existing culvert.