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The Projects & Progress module allows you to find and share information about restoration projects in the Great Lakes. Browse the list below or use the filters to discover relevant projects. To see the location of each project, visit the Project Mapper.

Mink River Estuary Coastal Wetlands Protection

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, will purchase 136.36 acres and nearly 2,000 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline within the Mink River Estuary.

Negwegon State Park Coastal Wetlands Project

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will protect a 390.8-acre, privately owned parcel in Alpena County, Michigan on Thunder Bay.

Invasive Species Management in Western Lake Erie

The Winous Point Marsh Conservancy augmented an existing invasive species control program in Lake Erie coastal marshes.

Revitalizing Lake Michigan Sturgeon Population

The River Alliance of Wisconsin and partners will implement a multi-phase project to help restore lake sturgeon in the Lake Michigan basin.

Ballville Dam Removal

The City of Fremont, Ohio, is removing the Ballville Dam from the Sandusky River to restore natural hydrological processes.

Chequamegon Bay Area Habitat Restoration Project

This project reduced erosion and sedimentation through replacement of degraded culverts, and restored connectivity of tributaries to Lake Superior by removing structural impediments to fish and other aquatic organisms.

Buhl Dam Removal

Huron Pines is removing the Buhl Dam on the Pine River in Michigan.
Pere Marquette Watershed. Photo by the Pere Marquette Watershed Council.

Pere Marquette, MI Watershed Recovery

The Pere Marquette Watershed Revovery Project will improve instream habitat for fish and wildlife, and promote high water quality on this nationally recognized trout stream.

Menomonee River Fish Passage

This project will enable fish to access historical spawning and rearing habitat from the Milwaukee River Estuary (Wisconsin) to 17 miles of the Menomonee River and associated tributaries and wetlands.
An aerial view of the dam removal & modification locations.

Dam Removals & Modifications on Duck Creek at Pamperin Park & the OGCC

The Oneida Nation is working with the Wisconsin DNR, Brown County, USFWS, and the Oneida Golf and Country Club (OGCC) to restore fish passage on Duck Creek by removing two dams and modifying a third.

Whitetail Waters Wetland Restoration Project

This project reestablished 4 acres of wetland and rehabilitated 6 acres of upland in Ashland County, Wisconsin.

Wolf River, WI Native Mussels Inventory

This project will determine the habitat impacts of permanent piers, pilings and boat lifts on mussel populations and mussel habitat. The findings will be used to develop safe guidelines for DNR permit decisions to ensure the protection of mussels and their habitat.

Wisconsin Lake Michigan Basin Restoration

The Ozaukee Washington Land Trust, Inc. restored and improved forests, wetlands, and prairies on 1,000 acres of critical habitat in the Lake Michigan Basin.
Wisconsin's Areas of Concern.

Wisconsin Area of Concern Advisory Committee Project

This project will provide state-wide and local coordination and support for delisting the Beneficial Use Impairments (BUIs) in Wisconsin`s five Areas of Concern (AOCs).
Agriculture runoff.

Western Lower Lake Michigan Watershed Program

The Western Lower Lake Michigan Watershed Program (WLLMWP) has a ten-year goal of conserving 40,000 acres (10% acquisition and 90% restoration) of wetland, stream and upland habitat.
Lakeshore sedge (Carex lenticularis). Photo credit: Emmet J. Judziewicz.

Whitetail Waters Waterfowl Nesting Habitat

This is a 28 acre palustrine wetland habitat rehabilitation project in Ashland County, Wisconsin.
Bluestem prairie are an important upland habitat in Ottawa, MI.

Wetland Restoration and Upland Establishment, Ottawa, Michigan 2006

This project restored two wetlands in Ottawa, Michigan: Site 1: break tile add riser flood 1 acre. Site 2: Plug ditch install riser flood 1 acre. Establish 20 acres NWSG adjacent to wetlands.
Rowleys Bay wetland, Door Peninsula, Wisconsin. Photo credit: USFWS.

Wetland Rehabilitation Project at Rowleys Bay, Door Peninsula, Wisconsin 2006

This project was a wetland rehabilitation project focusing on invasive species removal/control in wetland habitats of the Door Peninsula, Wisconsin.
Emergent Marsh habitat supports migratory birds in Oceana County Michigan.

Wetland Enhancement, Oceana County, MI 2006

This project will replace an old culvert with a tube and riser in Oceana, Michigan to help improve wetland habitat for migratory birds.
Lower Fox River/ Green Bay AOC. Map credit: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

West Shore Green Bay Northern Pike Habitat Restoration Project-Brown County

This project will restore habitat that will result in increased populations of northern pike and increased use of the west shore by waterfowl and other birds in the Green Bay/Fox River Area of Concern, Wisconsin.
Northern pike caught from Chequamegon Bay. Photo by WDNR.

West Shore Green Bay Northern Pike Habitat Project - Oconto County

This project seeks to establish riparian buffers and restore or enhance wetland areas along intermittent and perennial streams of the Green Bay west shore in the area of the Pensaukee River watershed that are potential spawning and rearing areas for northern pike.

Wayne Road Dam Removal and Habitat Improvement Project

The Alliance of Rouge Communities is removing the Wayne Road Dam to restore fish passage to migratory species such as salmon, walleye, northern pike, and small mouth bass, and improve shoreline habitat.

Watervliet Dams Removal, Paw Paw River, Michigan

The Berrien County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority is removing both the spillway and diversion dams located at Watervliet, restoring fish passage to more than 272 river miles.
Wildflowers, Berrien County, MI. Photo by the Berrien County Parks and Rec. Com.

W, D - Berrien County Native Grasses and Wildflowers

The project established native grasses and wildflowers in Berrien County, Michigan.
Fish Creek wetland, Bayfield County, Wisconsin.

UWSP Hatchery Wetland Complex Education and Demonstration Project

This is a wetland restoration project in Bayfield County, Wisconsin.

WI Partnerships for Invasive Species Prevention

This project will support efforts to create a tight barrier at Wisconsin`s Great Lakes coast that limits invasive species movement into, out of, or between the Great Lakes and nearby waterbodies.

Upper Great Lakes Stream Connectivity and Habitat Initiative (CRA Project)

The Conservation Resource Alliance, Huron Pines, and its partners are utilizing funding for the Upper Great lakes Stream Connectivity and Habitat Initiative to improve 75 miles of Great Lakes tributaries.

Upper Great Lakes Stream Connectivity and Habitat Initiative

This project represents the first two years of a five year initiative, which ultimately will restore connectivity of over 600 miles, and improve habitat in over 5,000 miles of the highest quality streams feeding the upper Great Lakes.
Mesic upland prairie. Photo by Ryan P. O'Connor, MNFI.

Upland Restoration, Van Buren, MI 2004

This project restored wetland and native warm season grassland habitat on Michigan Wetland Management District, Waterfowl Production Areas in Jackson and Van Buren Counties Michigan.
A new bridge was installed at this road-stream crossing to increase connectivity

Two-Hearted Watershed Sediment Reduction and Connectivity Restoration

The Nature Conservancy replaced and stabilized 27 crossings and sedimentation sites in order to reconnect 140 miles of the Two Hearted River and reduce sediment load by 625.8 tons/year.
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